About Our Veterinary Hospital

He is your best friend and running partner. She is a loyal companion and your child’s playmate. He is your protector and closest confidante. She gives you love and comfort when you most need it. They bring unconditional love and happiness into our lives. For all that they give; your pet depends on you to provide care for a long and happy life. At Virginia Veterinary Specialists, we strive to provide the finest care for your pet because they deserve it.

Why Choose VVS?

From complex orthopedic, neurologic, and soft tissue procedures to ultrasound, chemotherapy, endoscopy, CT scans and echocardiography the team of Virginia Veterinary Specialists have one goal in mind: to provide a positive outcome for you and your pet.  We strive to meet this goal by combining scientific knowledge, compassion, and concise communication. Virginia Veterinary Specialists encourages a collaborative environment in which we work closely with your primary care veterinarian. We take an integrated approach with the different specialty services working closely together every day to ensure that each component of your pet’s condition is evaluated.

Here at VVS, we have state of the art facilities and equipment so we are able to work efficiently while providing your companion with the highest level of comfort and care. Our facilities include:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery – Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Arthroscopy
  • Flexible and Rigid Endoscopy
  • Abdominal Ultrasound
  • Echocardiography and Holter Monitoring
  • Computed Tomography, Digital Radiography
  • Allergy Testing, Video Otoscopy

If you feel your pet is in need of specialized veterinary care please contact us or talk with your regular veterinarian about a possible referral.

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