A board certified veterinary dermatologist is a veterinarian that typically has done a 1 year internship and has completed 2-3 years of residency training beyond obtaining their doctor of veterinary medicine degree.  These veterinarians have received specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, ear, and nail disease.  They are experienced in the management of chronic dermatologic diseases.

Dermatologic Services offered include:

  • Intradermal skin testing
  • Serologic IGE-Specific Allergy Assay
  • Development of Allergen Immunotherapy:
  • Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT) or
  • Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)
  • Interpretation of Dermatohistopathology Reports
  • CT Imaging and Video Otoscopy
  • Cultures of Skin and Ear Infections and Culture Interpretation

Dr. Toops has a special interest in parasitic skin diseases of the dog and cat as well as atopic skin disease.

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