Endoscopic Procedures

Virginia Veterinary Specialists offers a wide array of endoscopic procedures. Endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure that allows for visualization of internal organs which, in certain circumstances, cannot be visualized any other way.

Endoscopy allows visualization of the lungs (bronchoscopy), nasal cavity (rhinoscopy), stomach and intestines (gastroduodenoscopy), colon (colonoscopy), and the urinary bladder (cystoscopy). Endoscopy allows for the opportunity to obtain biopsies and cultures of certain organs with minimum pain to the patient. Virginia Veterinary Specialists surgical services also offers visualization of the abdominal cavity (laporoscopy) and thoracic cavity (thorascopy) in order to help obtain biopsies of certain organs, and to allow for certain surgical procedures.

Nasal mite found on rhinoscopy

Peanut in back of dog nose causing severe sneezing

Rhinoscopy of cat with mass in nasopharynx

Cystoscopy of dog with small urethral stone

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