Success Stories

“My dog Dante receives chemotherapy treatments at VVS and I have been very pleased with the quality of care given. The staff is professional and courteous and I have a lot of trust in them. I highly recommend this practice to anyone needing veterinary specialist services.” – Ben W.

“The Virginia Veterinary Specialists is a wonderful pet facility! Dr. Carrie Miller and her staff have saved my Shih Tzu, Oliver, twice. Both times my dog was in a very serious condition and I wasn’t sure if he was going to pull through. His regular Vet had run out of options. Dr. Miller’s knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and kindness helped Oliver get better each time. I’ve been to other specialists in Virginia but I’ve found this veterinary hospital the best of all!!! Each time I take Oliver for a visit I know that he is in great hands and will receive the best care possible. It gives me such peace of mind. Dr. Carrie Miller and her entire staff show a true commitment to the care of each and every animal that comes through their door. I’m so happy that there is such a place right here in Charlottesville!!” -Rose S.

“Our family is grateful for the care provided to our dog, Ohana. When Ohana suffered an unusual shoulder injury when she was only 1 year old, we were very concerned about her future. Dr. Wheeler did an outstanding job of diagnosing Ohana’s injury and explained thoroughly our options for her treatment. When it came time for Ohana’s surgery, the staff went out of its way to care for Ohana and our family. We feel very fortunate to have Virginia Veterinary Specialists in our community and we highly recommend them.” – Brian S.

“Dr. Miller and all the staff at VVS have been incredibly kind and caring to Sparkle. She became very ill and required a blood transfusion to save her life. The staff explained everything and helped Sparkle and us feel comfortable. We are quite thankful for the wonderful care!” – Chris W.

“We will always be grateful for the care that was provided to our Sharpei, Bentley, by Dr. Miller, her tech Kati, and all of the staff at Virginia Veterinary Specialists. We were referred to Dr. Miller by our local veterinarian when Bentley became ill in November, 2010. When Bentley arrived, he was extremely ill and Dr. Miller and her tech Kati were wonderful in addressing every question and concern we had. In addition, they were very thorough in explaining all of our options regarding the treatment for Bentley. Bentley spent a week at Virginia Veterinary Specialists and was given wonderful and compassionate care. Everyone there was involved in one way or another in restoring our precious Bentley to health. We have found Dr. mIller and Kati and all of the staff at Virginia Veterinary Specialists to be efficient, friendly, and very compassionate regarding the care for Bentley. We continue to have follow up visits with Dr. Miller for Bentley and are extremely pleased with all aspects of Virginia Veterinary Specialists and highly recommend Dr. Miller and her staff to other pet owners.” – Judy C.

” Felix has instructed me to thank you for all the generous things you sent home with him and for all the good care and kindness that you have given him. He also wants you to know that he will appear for his appointment if he cane spare time from his important mousing and bird-watching duties. Speaking for myself, I want to thank you all most sincerely for the first-rate medical care that my good buddy received at VVS.” – Robert B.

“Virginia Vet Specialists literally saved my dog’s life. Fenway, our 7 year old chocolate lab, suddenly contracted autoimmune hemocytic anemia and had just started a course of treatment. However, on a Saturday night last summer she took a severe turn for the worse and I carried her into the office early Sunday morning fearing that we had lost her. Dr. Miller and the entire staff managed to pull Fenway through with aggressive treatment, despite the extremely poor prognosis. Fenway stayed there for almost a week and has steadily improved, now only treated with medication. That first Sunday morning I thought for sure that Fenway wouldn’t make it, but Dr. Miller and everyone working with her turned it around and saved her life. Fenway still gets a great reception when she returns for blood tests and I never fail to whisper thank you under my breath when I bring her back.” – Robert R.

“In September, 2010, it was discovered during an exploratory surgery that James (dog) had a mast cell tumor consuming a large portion of his colon. Thanks to the skills of Dr. Wheeler, James had the tumor successfully removed and  received follow-up chemo from Dr. Miller due to the possibility of an associated lymphoma. The weeks of follow-up treatments by Dr. Miller combined with the surgery have allowed James to return to his normal activities, and most importantly, continue being the loving companion that he has been since 1997. Without question, James is still with me today because of the care he received at Virginia Veterinary Specialists.” – Lori K.

“Our daughter had twins- so we got the loan of her wonderful dog, Phoebe. With all the exercise that comes from living a healthy country life- she got a torn cruciate ligament. Our vet pointed us to Dr. Wheeler and although surgery sounded drastic, indeed, we know she needed relief and are so happy we chose to do it! She is running again and delighted with life. Dr. Wheeler explained the procedure clearly and the extended recuperation period in which Phoebe had restricted activity. The surgery went well, the recuperation went well, we got through it! Now she is such a peppy beastie. All the staff is more than wonderful- thank you to all. We’re lucky to have Dr. Wheeler & Co. here!” – Alice C.

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